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Caregiving in the time of COVID-19


As the spread of Coronavirus continues across the United States and across Mississippi, ensuring safe care for your loved one is more important than ever. While there is no way to guarantee to avoid exposure to this virus, there are steps we can all take to reduce the risk of exposure while still providing high-quality caregiving services. During this unusual time, Safe and Sound Home Care are more focused than ever on educational topics that empower our caregivers to keep themselves and the families they assist safely. For instance, proper hand-washing techniques, routinely cleaning high-touch surfaces, and avoiding crowds are keys to reducing the risk of exposure.  While proper hygiene and cleaning are topics we promote throughout the year, we are redoubling our educational efforts to include all recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

One of the major concerns about the virus is an infection in the elderly because available data appear to indicate the elderly are disproportionately affected in the most severe cases. Since we work in the homes of vulnerable populations, we want to be particularly conscious of our potential to expose elderly and high-risk clients. In addition to ongoing education about the virus and precautionary methods to help avoid it, we are asking our caregivers to let us know if they, any members of their household, or others with whom they are in close contact have recently traveled out of state for any reason. It is difficult to isolate ourselves from everyday activities, but we have an obligation to protect ourselves and our clients. 
We are also asking our families to follow these best practices, including proper handwashing, avoiding handshaking, avoiding large crowds, social distancing, nourishing yourself by eating well balanced, nutritious foods, and getting enough rest. If our caregivers feel any symptoms of being sick, such as unusual headaches, fever, or coughing, they have been instructed to contact us immediately, as we do not want to send them into any home. Likewise, we are asking family members, friends, and neighbors to stay home for safety!
We recognize this is a highly unusual time in our society, and while we are taking the recommendations seriously and being diligent about our training, we are also aware that an atmosphere of panic and confusion can quickly emerge. We hope that following the best practices guidelines from the CDC will help us avoid erroneous information. We are taking every precaution to help our caregivers understand the seriousness of this issue, as well as common sense measures to protect themselves and your family. Our goal is to experience as little disruption as possible to our care plans and, as always, provide high quality, dependable care for you or your loved ones.



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Caregiver Quality Assurance

Safe and Sound Home Care is proud to be the only home care agency in Mississippi with the Caregiver Quality Assurance seal of approval. The Caregiver Quality Assurance program allows companies like ours to look closer at the personality and behaviors of the caregivers they select.

Companies that are members of the Caregiver Quality Assurance program are using the most advanced screening tool available today in the pre-employment assessment of caregivers, Leading Home Care’s Caregiver Selection System. It also means you have more peace of mind about the quality of the caregiver selected to assist your loved one.

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